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  • Huge Customer Base
    Get your product showcased to a huge range of customers, as everyday many users shop with us.
  • Easy Payments
    Once your bank details are registered on the system, payments for orders successfully delivered can be easily paid out by the Flamingaroo team.
  • Earn Badges
    Once you climb a milestone you get awarded with a badge, which make you look like more pro.
  • Customize Profile
    Customize your profile with information like profile logo, shop location, shipping and refund policies.
  • Add Media
    Embed rich media such as YouTube videos to make your account stand out from the crowd.
  • Having difficulties? Ask Questions
    If you ever get stuck, let us know and we will help you with the best we have, in minimum possible time.
  • Manage Your Orders
    Manage your orders at maximum ease and help customers to have a better shopping experience.
  • Get Yourself Verified
    Add a verified brooch to your profile by providing very necessary some business details and documents.
  • Create Your Own Collection
    Add various products and create your own product collection that will be visible to customers.
  • Add Unlimited Products
    Add unlimited products which you want and fulfill your customers need.
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  • Create an Account
  • Create your Profile
  • Add your Details
  • Add your Product Listing
  • Sell your Products and Earn Points
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