OOC-Doodling Notebooks 0.10

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Handcrafted coptic binding Notebook/ scketchbook (A5)

OOC-Doodling Notebooks_0.10
Quilling on coptic binding hand crafted notebook/ sketchbook. It is all about details and how we have implemented quilling within the design of the notebook/ sketchbook. We are merging between Product design, quilling and coptic binding producing signature notebooks/ sketchbooks. There is almost no chance of having a replicated patten, we simply doodle with paper and creations come along. 

It is a personalised piece, each piece is one of a kind, none of them would look a like but I can assure you it will always have a special Piece! Let us know if you have any specific colour desired. We have multiple bookcover colours as well as 5 bases that you can select from.Imagine and we will absolutely make it happen. 

Colour: Metallic Champaign

Artwork Colours: Purple, Blue, Brown and Navy

Size A5/ 120 Sheets

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