Himalayan Salty Treasures

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I check every single item before dispatching to my valued clients. The cord, the bulb, the lamp, and other products go through a rigorous quality control process. So chances of anything being defective goes down to zero.

Let me know what your requirements are for aesthetics, and room size. I will be happy to help you choose the most suitable lamp(s).

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Himalayan salt lamps provide a variety of health benefits:

* much needed negative ions (these are good for us)
* reduced stress levels
* better sleep
* higher serotonin levels
* reduced asthma/allergy symptoms
* increased energy levels
* improved breathing
* better mood

Himalayan Pink salt provides you with the following health benefits, amongst many more:

* 84 minerals & nutrients (white salt has zero)
* Naturally rich in Iodine (white salt has artificial iodine)
* Dissolves, detoxifies, & removes toxins from body
* Creates an electrolyte balance
* Reduces bloating & water retention
* Reduces muscle cramping, strengthens bones
* Improves respiratory health

These are safe around adults, children, pets and plants! They make great gifts ! It is a lifetime product, with little maintenance.

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Showing all 12 results