Lotte's Of Love

Being creative has always been my second nature. It brings a sort of calm to me and runs like a thread throughout my life. From arts as a after-school activity when I was a kid, to becomming an architect, to sewing baby items while I was pregnant of my oldest daughter Lotte... to designing postcards.


The one thing I like the most about my postcards, is the fact that I have the ability to bring a little bit of love and joy into people's life. Into lot's of people's life!

Because, when you buy a postcard from me, you can choose between an actual postcard or 2 digital files of the postcard instead. One digital file to share through email or social media, and another file which you can print (at home or in a print shop) yourself. The beauty of this is that you can print it over and over again... and make lot's of people happy. This way I don't spread love to 1 person at a time, but Lotte's of Love to people all around the world... And that just fills my heart...


So the principle is easy: BUY, (PRINT,) SEND & REPEAT


Karen - Belgian - mom of 2 toddlers - passionate about travelling, my family & photography

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Showing all 36 results